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Working with Local authorities and Enterprise agencies to support SME’s to start, scale and grow

RedBorder Education CIC

Enabling young people to determine their own future wealth and happiness through our enterprise course Your Time To Shine

Welcome to Ltd, Promoting Enterprise and Supporting Entrepreneurs

Work with us: Enterprise and Business Support Consultants

We enjoy working with Local Authorities and Enterprise agencies who support SME’s to Start Scale and Grow. Our specialism is project management. Working in the capacity as consultants we can work with your organisation to design, develop and implement programmes of enterprise support for the SME’s you support. We are creative, innovative, dedicated, hardworking and committed to supporting small and medium sized business owners. Contact us to find out if or how we can work together and if we are not suitable we would be happy to signpost / introduce you to other organisations. Our priority is always to ensure that businesses can access the right business support to enable them to develop and grow their enterprise.

Learn from us: Your Time To Shine

Learning from us can be fun. Just ask some of our past participants from our #Design, #Create , #Display course which supported young people who wanted to explore the creative roles within the retail industry. As we continue to equip young people with the knowledge, skills and tools in order to make informed career choices we are pleased to introduce you to our course Your Time To Shine (YTTS). YTTS is an Enterprise Course supporting young people by teaching them the key principles of the process of taking an idea and turning it into an innovation.

A Few Words About Us

RedBorder Ltd is focussed on promoting Enterprises as a viable career option in order for people to be able to determine their own economic prosperity.

We do this through our two companies RedBorder Ltd and RedBorder Education CIC. We are an Enterprise and Business Support Company. We work with local authorities and enterprise agencies in order to design, develop and implement projects and programmes of work which helps to support new and existing businesses to start, scale and grow.

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