About Learning from us:



Learning from us can be fun. Just ask some of our past participant from our #Design, #Create , #Display course.
Our course aims to engage with young people who are not currently identified as a NEETs statistic in order to showcase the alternative and creative routes into the retail industry but also to hopefully contribute to the reduction of young people who become a NEETs statistic.

The young people who we aim to engage with via this project will be able to gain access to training which will allow them to enjoy and achieve whilst participating in a creative and skill enhancing activity.

It is intended to equip participants with the initial skills, in order for them to explore the more creative jobs / employment / training options which may be suited to their skillset.


The course is designed so that the young people who enrol are able to achieve or work towards:

    • personal and social development and enjoy recreation that includes developing or improving skills that benefit their life changes
    • growth in confidence and learn decision making skills through fun, interactive and collaborative activities,
    • engaging in experiences that present challenges and adventure within risk assessed activities and environments,
    • developing greater self confidence
    • demonstration of proactivity in exploring, enrolling or applying for future educational or employment opportunities.