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We invite brands to work with us to obtain access to commercial trading locations which they may otherwise may not be able to access

Working with fledgling brand is really close to our heart. There is something which resonates with us as a company who supports the underdog.

The small. ambitious, industry disrupters and game changing independent brand, who against all the odds defeats the goliaths of the retail industry.

As a company not only are we passionate about working with these types of brand, but we also believe that consumers should have access to good customer service and choice of products.

Supporting small / emerging brands enables consumers to not only contribute to the success of a fledgling businesses but it also provides the opportunity to connect with the business owner first hand as apposed to larger faceless corporations.

At RedBorder ltd we welcome enquiries from  fledgling businesses who are actively seeking opportunities to sell their products from temporary retail environments.

Therefore, we welcome enquiries from new start-ups who are seeking commercial opportunities to test trade their products.

We are also keen to work with organisations who support product based Start-ups enterprises across London, to allow them access to commercial trading opportunities.


A Few Words About Us

RedBorder Ltd is a company established in 2006 is focussed on bringing talent to the retail industry. The services which we offer are all underpinned by our desire and commitment to provide the retail industry with fresh and emerging talent, whether that be via new brands establishing themselves to young people entering the industry as a career.

We’d love to hear from you:

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