RedBorder Education CIC: Your Time To Shine (YTTS)



“Promoting happy and healthy career choices for 11 –18yr olds!”

Created to introduce every young person to entrepreneurship in order for them to make informed career choices based on their skills, ambitions and wellbeing.


Career guidance in English schools has been much criticised over the years.

In 2013 Ofsted and the House of Commons Education Committee produced important but critical reports. The reports highlighted that there was a lack of career guidance in schools to suitably equip the next generation in order to support them to make informed career choices.

RedBorder Ltd, recognised that the only option being offered to young people is that of an employee rather than being a business owner or an employer. and decided to create YOUR TIME TO SHINE.


Young people who access our course will able to gain an insight of what it takes to be an entrepreneur and support in how they can kickstart their idea.

Topics covered includes:

  • What is Entrepreneurship / nuts and bolts
  • How to develop the Idea/ design
  • How to work out how much it will cost to bring their product to market?
  • Bringing the product to market Advertising, PR/ Marketing and quality control.
  • Creating content, being a leader in your field
  • Taking great product photos with your phone
  • Methods for selling the products online v instore or other face to face methods
  • How to monitor and manage business income and expenditure
  • How to effectively network: e-meeting  as young entrepreneur
  • Reflection/ Feedback
  • Support available after the training has ended.

From YTTS student and winner of our Instagram Challenge

“Thank you for giving me this great opportunity to partake in the Your Time To Shine Course. I have learnt a lot and I now know the steps required to start a business. I am really happy to have won the Instagram Challenge and I can’t wait to work with We are Fempire.”