About smiling with us:



In a world where we are bombarded with marketing message which encourages us to spend, How about a form of ambient media which is not overtly and solely about selling us stuff, but rather about providing us with positive advertising experiences to help people get through the day.

This form of positive advertising is all about clever messages, which puts a smile on people’s faces as they go about their daily business whilst at the same time helps to build brand awareness.

This service is for brands who want to approach their marketing and advertising strategy from a non-traditional perspective but who still want to yield results.


Brands who use this service are able to:

    • Achieve a more targeted message with the brand ambassador reinforcing the brand identity in locations where their customers are or travelling to. As an example if a brand know that they have a strong customer base in the city, the ambassadors employed would usually be commuting to the city and would fit the typical profile of their brand.
    • Cost effective and less wastage / short campaign or long campaigns the brands decide… no dwell time for their advert
    • Less opportunity for the advert to be damaged or vandalised
    • their advert will be mobile, where ever the ambassador goes their advert goes with them thus maximising exposure time for their brand
    • No direct advert next to it to compete for attention.