YTTS Portfolio Parties


What is a YTTS Portfolio Party


YOUR TIME TO SHINE (YTTS) Portfolio Parties are a great way to engage young people to enhance and keep a record of their creative experiences and skills gained through their extra curriculum activities including our creative workshops.

At YTTS, we believe that every moment is a teachable moment and therefore the ability to record and refer back to these moments will support their future career aspirations when determining their own pathway to happiness. Whether it is completing their linked in profile, updating their CV or highlighting their creativity through their portfolio… these moments are meant to be captured.

The YTTS POW WOW Portfolio Parties provides participants between the ages of 11 – 18yr old with the environment to engage in 40 – 60 minutes initiatives and task in order to help with the development of key career enhancing skills.

Our format is simple, our Portfolio Parties are bite sized and delivered in a compact way to avoid the opportunity for boredom or virtual fatigue.

Our approach is simple we talk at our participants LESS and we listen to the young people MORE whilst providing the opportunity for them to demonstrate their creativity, confidence and communication skills.

What happens at a YTTS Portfolio Party


How Long does a YTTS Portfolio Party Last

A YTTS Portfolio Party lasts between 40 – 60 minutes

How many people can take part in a YTTS Portfolio Party

We recommend a minimum of 4 people to take part in a YTTS Portfolio Party including the host

What are the host responsibilities for a YTTS Portfolio Party

The host is responsible for:

  • Setting up the virtual Party
  • Invite members
  • Picking a topic
  • Creating an initiative
  • Identify a task
  • Share task with other participants
  • Host and monitor time
  • Host discussion / feedback session
  • Encourage self-reflection


How can I find out more about the YTTS Portfolio Party?